“Our mission is to fund Parkinson’s Research and programs that will enhance the lives of those living with Parkinson’s disease.”




It has been about 11 years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. At the time of diagnosis, I was a podiatrist, a mother of two small children- a  3 and 6 year old. My world was turned upside down and I had to figure out how to cope and take care of myself-for the sake of my family. 

Flash forward to today, my babies are now 17 and 14 and to them I think they do not really see the Parkinson’s since they have grown up with it. But for me, this has been my most challenging year yet. The side effects from the medicine that helps me most has gotten bad and somewhat embarrassing as I have uncontrollable movements that strike at the worst of times. Now I am trying to counteract these side effects with a new medication. And along with this new medication-other side effects!! The ONLY time I can say that my symptoms are minimal -is when I dance! 

 I believe that everything happens for a reason. A few months ago I was contacted by the Tilles center -they were planning to add to their community outreach by starting a Dance For PD program. A few meetings later, Dance Party For Parkinson’s is now serving the Long Island/Queens community by sponsoring wonderful Dance classes for people living with Parkinson’s Disease and their care givers. And these classes are FREE! I am honored and thrilled to be partnering with the Tilles Center!

The first of our events for this year will take place on Sunday APRIL 7, 2109 at Dany Holdstein’s Two Worlds in Wheatley Plaza, Greenvale, NY. The start time is 11:00. You will be able to choose two 45 minute classes-XR-cycle with Ernie, PIYO with Laura or Urban Groove Dance with Nate. Details of Classes on event page. Purchase tickets below.

If you cannot join us for this event, please consider making a donation in any amount by clicking here:

“There’s no better way to take care of health than through something as joyous and beautiful as dance.”

– Patrick Swayze